Heading into Real Estate Mode

When heading into ‘Real Estate Mode’ (a time when someone is looking to make a change in relation to their current living situation), far too many property owners only focus on two things;

1.   How much can they sell their property for? and;

2.   How much is it going to cost them?

and although these two components are important, they really only make up around 10% of the larger emotional, conceptual and financial transaction that is going to follow during the course of the upcoming journey to their new residence.

As an experienced real estate agent, with over 15 years hands on selling and management experience, I am confronted with these two questions on a near daily basis. As a result, I spend quite a bit of my time, not justifying the market conditions, or the cost involved in selling, but more in trying to understand my clients motivation. By having a better knowledge of this, I can actually take the time required to assist them in better understanding the entire Preparation, Marketing, Sale and Settlement process. Only then can I ultimately help them obtain a truly successful and stress free overall transition.

So along with the potential sale price, and the costs involved to achieve it, I like to know if they have also taken into consideration why have they decided to make this change in their life? Are greater powers than money at play, such as;

Is their next perfect property available now, and is holding out to achieve a pre-conceived price on their existing home going to cause them to miss out on it?

  • Is the decision a financial one, and is achieving a successful sale going to enable them to move on happily, with less stress in the future?
  • Is it a breakdown of a relationship, where moving on is a healthier outcome than continually being bound together for months unnecessarily, in the hope of obtaining those few extra dollars?
  • Is it for the children’s schooling, and moving in time will enable them to set up the next happy chapter of their families lives?
  • Or is it for the greater good of other family members? In other words, is it to be near family elders, so they can watch the grandchildren grow up, or possibly even to help them in their time of need?

So as you can see, navigating ‘REM’ (real estate mode) in order to achieve a successful and suitable outcome, can run a whole lot deeper than just what your property may be worth, and how much it is going to cost you to sell it.

Your choice of real estate agents can also greatly enhance your ability to avoid any unforeseen upcoming issues along your journey. So when making your choice of agents, you must feel confident in the agent’s ability to not only sell your property for the highest possible price, but also to have the ability to best look after your specific needs along the way. You need a trusted advisor to bounce your ideas and plans off, along with someone who is a very good marketeer, sales person and negotiator, and above all else, is totally sincere in their desire to help you achieve the true result you desire.

In my experience, selling and buying real estate is lot like travelling. It is the positive end result and memories that ultimately makes people happy, and not so much the numbers that have been involved along the way in order to achieve the desired result. As long as the journey was an enjoyable one…

So if you are considering entering ‘REM’ any time soon, and you feel that I could be of assistance to you, drop me a line. Either in a formal, or informal manner, I would be only too happy to help.

Yours in Real Estate

Andrew Amos 
Licensed Real Estate Agent
0417 999 837   

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